Our Mission

We aim to anchor redirection in the long term in order to promote anti-productivism and anti-consumerist societies. Through this work and its influence, we want to contribute to the re-foundation of the ecological ideological matrix.

We are also making available to public opinion and researchers new tools for reflection, analysis and understanding of the world. This will aid in analysing, developing and accompanying the implementation of operational policy solutions with political leaders, national and local elected officials, all administrations and private and public structures or companies and economic partners involved in public policies.

Our main ideas are:

  • To bring out new ideas relating to ecological redirection to change societies towards an ecological society.
  • Initiating or supervising research projects related to ecological redirection.
  • Organising conferences to disseminate the ideas of ecological redirection.
  • Supporting the use of ecological redirection tools and coordination of ecological redirection actors within a common platform.
  • Helping to provide services and advice on ecological redirection to companies, communities, civil society organisations and the general public.

We want to make it known to our actors and partners the difference between ecological transition vs ecological redirection as shown in the table below.

Ecological Transition Ecological Redirection
The ecological problem is above all a problem of means (energy consumption, production methods, etc.) The ecological problem is above all a problem of aims and minimum conditions of existence, subsistence and habitability
A reconciliation horizon is naturally possible, even desirable, between development and ecology A horizon of arbitration is necessary. Reconciliation begins with an alignment of organizations, institutions, projects, planetary boundaries and ecological environments
Transition is technically possible without renunciation Redirection is a strategic, technical operation and a paradigmatic transformation
The transition leads to an engineering of l’optimisation Redirection is technically impossible without renunciation
The transition goes through innovation and the project The ecological redirection takes note of a change of climatic and geological era which reconfigures the temporalities and the modes and conditions of subsistence and habitability of the world
The transition has an implicit which is that of its technical and ecological possibility (optimistic optimization and availability of material resources) Redirection leads to closure, arbitration and reassignment engineering
Low durability Redirection goes through disinnovation, renunciation, disincubation, disinvestment

(Bonnet , Landivar, Monnin, 2019 “What the Anthropocene does to organizations”)

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