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Brought to an operational level by the works of Emmanuel Bonnet, Diego Landivar and Alexandre Monnin, Ecological Redirection is built around two main ideas. Firstly, the current ecological situation is evolving at critical speed ; concepts such as Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, or Green Growth obstruct from contemplating its full extent. Secondly, the urgency of the current climate and ecological situation asks for immediate commitment from organisations and companies to align their strategies with planetary limits.

The Ecological Redirection Institute is a platform as well as a resource center. It aims at becoming a community catalyst for all redirectionists.

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Discover “Héritage et Fermeture”, the first theoretical approach to Ecological Redirection.

La couverture du livre d'Emmanuel Bonnet, Diego Landivar et Alexandre Monnin intitulé "Héritage et fermeture" aux éditions Divergences

Discover the Master of Science Strategy and Design for the Anthropocene.